Nathan Van Ness, Xerox Corporation

One of the most enjoyable aspects of my job is keeping tabs on the trends that affect the market share of a given small-business product and/or technology. I always find it fascinating to witness the emergence of serious competitions between undisputed market leaders and growing threats. That’s especially true when a resulting market-share shift affects the perceptions of small-business owners shopping for productivity-enhancing technologies.

The Smartphone War: Android vs. iPhone

A recent article discusses the impact of Google’s increasingly popular Android platform on Apple’s once-seemingly immovable position as the worldwide smartphone market’s leader. According to the article, in November 2012 the Samsung Galaxy S III, which runs on Jelly Bean, the latest Android operating system, surpassed Apple’s iPhone as the world’s top selling smartphone.

To me, the most interesting outcome of this nascent competition will prove to be the innovations that emerge from Apple and Google, two of Silicon Valley’s most deep-pocketed superpowers, as they continue their battle for market-share supremacy.

I recently bought the new Samsung Galaxy Note II, which also runs on Android’s Jelly Bean OS, and I absolutely love it. My primary reason for the upgrade was because my previous smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 710, ran on the Windows® Phone platform, which isn’t compatible with many of the apps I wanted to install, such as our very own Xerox PrintBack.

I’d love to hear your thoughts regarding the competition between Android and iPhone. Do you have a strong preference between the two, or are you a Windows Phone or Blackberry user? And, regardless of your preferred brand of technology, do you think a smartphone is a valuable small-business tool?