PC Magazine: Phaser 6600/DN Color Printer ‘Excellent’

In a PC Magazine review posted on April 29, the Phaser 6600/DN Color Printer received an editor rating of ‘Excellent’.

The reviewer cited the printer’s “Relatively high-quality output [and] ample paper handling for a small office or workgroup with heavy-duty printing needs” as cornerstones of the device’s overall excellence.

For small business owners who hope to control costs by producing more marketing communications material in-house, image quality is a paramount requirement. Whether you’re a Realtor who wants to create your own house-listing flyers or a florist who’s producing a Mother’s Day mailer, the photographs you include must accurately display the subject matter’s true visual qualities.

From the review: “Photos in my tests were above par, and just short of consistently true photo quality. More than half of the photos in our test suite were high enough quality so if you mounted them in a frame behind glass, they’d pass for the level of quality you’d expect from typical drugstore prints.”

Output quality is also critical for graphics and illustrations—any instance in which consistent accuracy is a must, such as your company logo.

As noted above, the reviewer also called attention to the Phaser 6600 Color Printer’s standard paper capacity, which at 550 sheets “lets you refill the drawer with an entire ream of paper even before it’s fully empty.”

Whether working at a frenetic small business or a busy workgroup within a larger company, we all know what a hassle it is when printing is interrupted by an empty paper tray.

If you’re in the market for an ultra productive color printing solution, I encourage you to read the complete PC Magazine review and then visit the Phaser 6600 product page on the Xerox website for more detailed information.

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