Here’s a story from the Marketing Leadership Council regarding Vine, the latest headline-grabbing social media tool.

For those not in the know (which, until recently included yours truly), Vine is a mobile app that allows the recording of video clips no longer than six seconds. Each clip, also called a Vine, is automatically looped in perpetuity.

Vines are now appearing with increasing frequency via Twitter, Facebook, and as embedded content on web pages.

Honestly, I’m not quite sure what to make of this new technology. Will it prove to be yet another disruptive force in the ever-evolving world of content marketing?

At first glance I’m not sure how effective a six-second video loop can be at communicating a brand’s allure. But as you’ll read in the article linked to above, creative examples of the tool’s potential are becoming more and more common, including this Vine from major global brand, Bacardi.

Are you familiar with Vine? Do you think the tool can be used as an effective attention-grabber for your small business?

Also, if you’ve encountered a Vine you think demonstrates particularly strong creative execution, please provide a link in the comments section below.