Simple Steps to Capture and Keep Prospects’ Trust

While surfing my personal Facebook news feed the other day I came across an advertisement with a very enticing photo of a product I was ready to buy as a gift.

But when I clicked the link, the company’s website on which I landed offered not a single product remotely similar to the one in the photo that lured me in the first place.

Had I found the advertised product on their website with an “out of stock” message attached to it, that would have been understandable.

But because nothing they offered came close to what I expected, I exited their site and will not return.

I was ready to buy, but they lost me for good.

For any small business hoping to gain new customers online, delivering what you advertise is an obvious must. That’s been a cardinal rule since humans began advertising products and services.

In truth, earning and maintaining customers’ trust is challenging. But in addition to the “deliver what you advertise” rule, there are several other key areas of focus for businesses that count on their online presence to be a powerful sales tool.

A new copyblogger article, “8 (Easily Avoidable) Ways to Lose Your Prospect’s Trust” shares simple steps you can take to ensure your online storefront is primed not only for capturing potential customers’ attention, but, more importantly, giving them strong reasons for trusting your business once they’ve found you.

The easily avoidable mistakes discussed in the copyblogger article are as follows:

1) Writing for search engines instead of people.

2) Wildly exaggerating the benefits of your product.

3) Not delivering what you say you will.

4) Getting into online fights.

5) Using shady sales techniques.

6) Going cheap on content creation.

7) Plastering your site with ads.

8) Ignoring typos and mistakes.

The article offers helpful suggestions for ways in which you can ensure you’re doing it right, so I encourage you to read the article, assess your own website, and make changes if necessary.

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  1. Monica July 10, 2013 - Reply

    This is great and I couldn’t agree more! Thank you so much!

  2. Nathan Van Ness July 10, 2013 - Reply

    Monica, thanks for reading and taking time to comment. Much appreciated!

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