Small Business Solutions: 3 Tips for SEO Sustainability

In my most recent post, I shared a checklist of actions every small-business owner should take to ensure their company’s website consistently achieves a higher search-results ranking.

Each of the points of emphasis in the piece addressed something you might have been doing incorrectly, i.e., “Content Optimization No-Nos,” as the article’s titled.

So, as a follow-up I’d like share three tips you can use to further bolster your website’s prominence without worrying too much about Google’s all-too-frequent search algorithm updates.

Once again, the advice comes courtesy of Search Engine Watch, whose article, “3 Sustainable SEO Tips: Why Recover From Google Updates? Don’t Get Hit!”, provides simple bits of guidance any small-business owner can implement to give their online presence a continuous boost.

The three tips from the Search Engine Watch article:

1) Focus On Your Branding, Not Your Ranking

2) Give Users a Good Experience

3) Preserve Your URLs

It’s likely that many of you already adhere to those points of emphasis. But for those who don’t, I think you’ll find tremendous value in reading the article and taking action to improve your companies’ chances at earning not only higher search-result rankings, but the increased business that’s likely to follow.

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  1. Chris Mayhew September 10, 2013 - Reply

    Thanks for sharing these tips and pointing me in the direction of this article. It’s good to see user experience being talked about. SEO is for humans too, not just search engine robots.

  2. Nathan Van Ness September 10, 2013 - Reply

    Thanks, Chris. I appreciate you taking the time to visit the blog and share your feedback.

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