In my most recent post, I shared a checklist of actions every small-business owner should take to ensure their company’s website consistently achieves a higher search-results ranking.

Each of the points of emphasis in the piece addressed something you might have been doing incorrectly, i.e., “Content Optimization No-Nos,” as the article’s titled.

So, as a follow-up I’d like share three tips you can use to further bolster your website’s prominence without worrying too much about Google’s all-too-frequent search algorithm updates.

Once again, the advice comes courtesy of Search Engine Watch, whose article, “3 Sustainable SEO Tips: Why Recover From Google Updates? Don’t Get Hit!”, provides simple bits of guidance any small-business owner can implement to give their online presence a continuous boost.

The three tips from the Search Engine Watch article:

1) Focus On Your Branding, Not Your Ranking

2) Give Users a Good Experience

3) Preserve Your URLs

It’s likely that many of you already adhere to those points of emphasis. But for those who don’t, I think you’ll find tremendous value in reading the article and taking action to improve your companies’ chances at earning not only higher search-result rankings, but the increased business that’s likely to follow.