Marketing with Xerox: Giving Small Businesses a Big Reach

MktgInHouseIt’s true that no one ever promised you owning a small business would be easy. But with innovative new products and services becoming increasingly available – and affordable – to help you market your business, and to give you a competitive edge that helps you win against the big guys, maybe it doesn’t have to be so hard.

With the challenge of competing with big business a recurring hurdle for so many, it may come as a surprise to find that at least one big business has the needs – and success – of your small business in mind.

Relieving the pressure to grow bigger, faster

With the rise of the big box retailer and unprecedented corporate growth, small businesses are looking for ways to compete with large corporations for consumer dollars. As new products and offerings have worked to combat that challenge and level the revenue playing field, a new challenge has surfaced: these days you’re not just competing for dollars; you’re competing for talent.

Simple, streamlined processes, a solid reputation and fiscal future, and a bountiful budget for supplies and equipment are very attractive offerings in a potential employer. For many employees, they’ve made the difference between choosing to build their career with a small business, or hearing the siren call of a large corporation. When it comes to quality of life, small businesses have always had a competitive edge over large multi-national corporations. But until now, it was difficult for small businesses to find ways to compete on other levels.

With options like the Small Business Savings Plan and innovative letter-sized printers and multifunctions, Xerox has been connecting with small businesses and helping them to streamline their processes and build their competitive edge. They’re helping small businesses to finally compete like the big guys do – which means operating faster and more efficiently, and at a significantly lower cost.

New products and offerings from Xerox are forever changing the way that small businesses operate, making it possible for the first time ever to stay small, but compete big. When potential employees can have the satisfaction of working for a local business that values them individually, plus the security and simplified processes and measurable successes they’re seeing from the corporate competition, the corporate edge starts to look a whole lot fuzzier.

Marketing solutions made easy

One of the hardest decisions you’ll make as a business owner is how to spend your budget. Effectively leveraging your cash flow to get the most bang for your marketing dollar can have a significant impact when it comes to efficacy. Simply put: with better options for in-house marketing, you can both spend smarter, and get better results. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

If you’re like most small businesses, you don’t have a marketing department with dozens of employees, or a huge ad agency on retainer. With new products and services available from Xerox, you don’t need them. Small businesses can now create a superior product right in-house, lowering their marketing budget and giving them greater creative liberty and control than ever before. For everyday documents Xerox Solid Ink printers bring saturated, vibrant pages, with affordable color printing. If you’re looking for professional output for marketing deliverables, without the continued expense (and inconvenience) of outsourcing, the Phaser 7800 fits the bill. Imagine how streamlined your marketing processes could become if you cut out the middle man and could produce polished, high quality, effective marketing materials right in house? As any business owner knows, there is also a significant cost savings associated with bringing your printing in-house, but until now, it was difficult to reproduce that level of quality and production value yourself.

In the business world, there aren’t often many opportunities to improve quality and increase simplicity while also cutting costs. Stories like that have almost become a sort of professional urban legend. But with innovative new products, services and support tools and programs from Xerox, you really can produce a better product and compete on the bigger playing field, all while reducing costs. You’ll also simplify the way you do business, giving you the resources – and the free time – to become a legend in other ways.

Learn how Kim Faber of The Catering Company put Xerox to work, by bringing marketing in-house.


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