By Adam Johnson, Limpio MPS

WhyYouDon'tHaveMPSNo doubt at some point you’ve been approached by a supplier of office print hardware talking about their Managed Print Service (MPS) offering. Whilst it’s widely agreed by leading industry analysts such as Gartner, IDC & Quocirca that MPS can bring organizations many benefits such as costs reduction and sustainability, the understanding of what MPS actually is can be confusing. If you have implemented MPS then it will probably include the following:

  • A single supplier to supply and maintain your office printers & multifunction’s under one support agreement
  • Implementation of print management software operating a ‘follow you’ print release system
  • Automated toner replenishment & meter billing

This is all well and good; and is far better than having multiple suppliers for many different models of devices spread across your organization, but it’s not true MPS.

MPS goes far beyond these basic services and should incorporate:

  1. Pro-active monitoring & management of devices
  2. Real-time device status monitoring & error reporting allowing pro-active resolution without user involvement
  3. Help desk support, education & user training
  4. Assessment tools to manage solution design and right-sizing of the fleet
  5. On-going optimization to support changing business needs
  6. Lifecycle asset management (install, move, add, change, dispose)
  7. Automated & formalized reporting (device utilization, fleet performance & SLA metrics)
  8. Support for existing legacy devices to ensure your ROI

Now that you have the right technology in place and it is securely integrated into the IT environment, it’s time to improve productivity and automate paper-based processes and eliminate print before it even happens. Leveraging Content Management Software and solutions, professional insight helps clients develop smart workflows to capture, route, store, and retrieve documents.

Today there is a seismic shift in how documents are used to drive business. You’re probably already feeling the pull within your organization – a drive to use mobile devices and cloud services, an increase in scanning… the drive toward digital documents is clear. But digitization isn’t enough. Next-generation documents need to be more intelligent –the information they contain needs to do more to simplify our work.

Limpio MPS works with organizations to improve business practice and reduce the impact that printing has on the organization. This content is shared with permission. Any views expressed reflect the opinion of the original author(s).

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