This Earth Day, Print with a Purpose

How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint AND Cut the Cost of Color Printing.

It seems like we’re often called to choose between the option that’s good for our planet, and the one that’s good for our bottom line. What if you could have both –and beautiful, high impact color prints to boot?

You can, with Solid Ink from Xerox.

You know the research: color is nearly always preferable to black and white. It is more effective, enhances your image, attracts more attention, and improves recall by making a more memorable impression. But those benefits usually come at a higher cost – in more ways than one. Now you can benefit from attention grabbing, high quality color for 44% less cost than what you’re spending today. And there’s more.

Today, Green IT means more than just recycling and energy management. In order to be environmentally responsible, you need to find a way to reduce the environmental impact of printing as well. But energy costs and all of the other costs associated with printing are going up. Most people think: “If I go green, my printing is going to be even more expensive.”  With Solid Ink, you can reap those good-for-your-business benefits while also doing something good for the planet. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. Cartridge-free Solid Ink technology focuses on sustainability, creating up to 90% less printing waste vs laser devices, a statistic that has more impact than you might think.

For businesses, sustainability is about more than just good intentions (or good public relations). In 2012, the Harvard Business Review found that businesses who invest in sustainability do better financially. Resource-efficient companies also display high levels of innovation and entrepreneurship, making sustainability and efficiency more than something to aspire to, and instead a leading indicator of economic performance.

People, Profit and Planet

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For many business owners, the struggle over quality versus cost versus sustainability is a challenge that often feels impossible to overcome. There are plenty of quality products that meet one, or sometimes even two of those needs, but finding something that meets all three has almost become an urban business legend – a brass ring that few even try to reach for. But there are other challenges as well – like aligning to IT policies, and applying tracking and usage tools. Industry leaders like Xerox are listening to the needs of business owners and transforming to meet those needs. Xerox can help you overcome these challenges – and also go green and save money.

Focusing on your bottom line and protecting your corporate reputation now requires you to go beyond simple environmental compliance. It’s about moving toward that “triple bottom line” – people, profit, planet. Make it happen with Solid Ink from Xerox.

Learn how Solid Ink can reduce both your color printing costs and your carbon footprint by visiting today.

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