How Observing Nature Can Inspire Your Innovation

By |Jul 10, 2017|

Biomimicry is the idea that solutions can be found in nature. Nature has been the inspiration for some of the greatest innovations of our lifetime – and it is often the key to finding new ways to simplify and collaborate to improve the way we work and live.

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    Sustainability Among Small and Mid-Size Businesses: Less is More

Sustainability Among Small and Mid-Size Businesses: Less is More

By |Apr 20, 2017|

Sustainability is about improving the way we work and live, and Xerox is developing all of their new products, services and solutions with this ideal in mind.

5 Top Trends in Small and Mid-Size Business Scanning

By |Jan 5, 2017|

Digitizing paper intensive processes paves the way for more advanced document management and automation across the business. Overall, digital document management helps give businesses a competitive edge by reducing waste and improving processes, leading to both greater productivity and a reduction in costs.

It’s Not Easy Being Green…Or Is It?

By |Dec 1, 2015|

At Xerox, we’re committed to helping your reach your environmental goals. Our multifunction printers built on Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology allow you to seamlessly integrate your paper and digital workflows. For printed documents, sustainability features are core capabilities of our devices.

This Earth Day, Print with a Purpose

By |Apr 17, 2015|

It seems like we’re often called to choose between the option that’s good for our planet, and the one that’s good for our bottom line. What if you could have both –and beautiful, high impact color prints to boot? You can, with Solid Ink from Xerox.