Advancing LED Print Technology for the Office

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In the 73 years since xerography was invented, the quest to make office printing products smaller, faster, quieter, lighter, more reliable, and more affordable has driven new technology innovation. Today’s laser printers still use the same core design principles, but have evolved to include specialized lasers, focusing lenses, a complex mirror, high-speed motor, and sophisticated motion control system. Enter Light Emitting Diodes or LED technology.

The use of LEDs has grown over the years from football scoreboards, brake lights in cars, and in the soles of shoes highlighting every step a toddler makes. The use of LED technology in printers is a bit more sophisticated, but does have many advantages over traditional laser printing.

Replacing the laser, motor, lenses, and rotating mirror with an array of tiny LEDs enables a smaller overall design that is quieter, has fewer parts, and improved reliability. Think of LED technology in office printers as if it were a cake. It would be the smallest, best-tasting cake ever made – simple, elegant, and flavor packed. But we know that zero-calorie cake that tastes good just doesn’t exist. With all these advantages, existing LED technology has some limitations just like great tasting cake.

Traditional LED technology used in office printing has been limited to 600 dpi resolution, the light intensity varies among LEDs, and the LED alignment is a challenge. Ultimately print quality suffers. Common defects are blurry text, jagged edges, fuzzy halftones and poor color-to-color alignment that would leave you looking for your 3D classes to read your print.

Xerox Hi-Q LED technology uses 1200 LEDs per inch

Our engineers tackled these limitations and the result is Xerox’s next generation of LED technology, Hi-Q LED. This new design is controlled by advanced high-resolution calibration technology and ultimately solves the old issues around print quality. Office products like the Xerox Phaser 6010 color printer and Xerox WorkCentre 6015 color multifunction printer were designed from the ground up and use this new technology to deliver up to 1200 x 2400 dpi print quality, crisp text, and impactful color graphics. That’s good news for our customers who previously had to make trade-offs when choosing between a laser printer or one that used LEDs.

Request a print sample and let us know what you think.

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