by Halle Smith, Content Manager
Xerox Interactive Marketing

This is the third post in a three part series highlighting just a few ways documents can transform your business. Last week you read Five Questions to Help You Get Documents Up to Speed. This week I focus on the role documents play in information security.

Your organization’s critical information is in its documents. Each time emails, presentations, memos and other digital documents are shared across your company, there is a security risk that sensitive information can be lost or hacked.

John M. Kelly’s new eBook details how documents can transform your business.

John M. Kelly's new eBook details how documents can transform your business

In his free eBook, “Between the Lines,” Xerox Thought Leader John M. Kelly identifies the four most common information security “weak spots” that can lead to security breaches. Then he offers “weapons” to combat these information weak spots. For example, your information weak spot could be that, although your security is strong against outside attacks, you are left open to attacks from inside your organization. What weapon can you use to fend off potential insider attacks? Data Loss Prevention (DLP) technologies that operate like sentinels, surveying your network for unusual actions and typical fraud-related behaviors. DLP tools can:

  • Highlight suspicious actions, such as an employee making excessive copies or sending volumes of email to himself before leaving the company for a new job.
  • Call attention to behaviors that don’t align with corporate authorizations or to patterns that are indicative of fraud, like an operations manager repeatedly accessing corporate financial data at 2 a.m.
  • Release a trigger when sensitive document content—a bank routing number or a key engineering spec—is included in an email.
  • Create an audit trail of device usage, including user name, date and time.

Learn about three other common information security weak spots and weapons in John M. Kelly’s free eBook, plus find 8 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Security. In “Between the Lines,” Kelly examines the critical role documents play in businesses worldwide, including Procter & Gamble, Marriott and Target. He also offers practical, real-world advice for making the most of the information stored inside your documents.

Learn about the free eBook “Between The Lines”