by Halle Smith, Content Manager
Xerox Interactive Marketing

This is the second post of a three part series highlighting just a few ways documents can transform your business. Last week you read Five Reasons Your Company Isn’t Apple. This week I’d like to share five questions that can help you get your documents up to speed. 

Documents. They are one of the most overlooked business tools of the 21st century, and also one of the most important. To see what we mean, look across your organization and identify areas where getting an answer faster or having information more quickly would help you, such as for a product launch, public works project or sales campaign.     

Then answer these five key questions:  

  1. Which critical documents need to be 100 percent accurate and on time for your business to meet its goals?
  2. Do your documents include rich content that requires rapid and/or shared access, use, review, etc.?
  3. Do you work with multiple third parties or external contributors who create, review, revise and/or collaborate on documents?
  4. What are the risks of mismanaging or delaying your documents (e.g., fines, penalties, lawsuits, lost revenue)?
  5. Would there be a material benefit in streamlining your document process(es) by a month or more?

Your answers can help reveal areas of document management opportunity for your organization. They will show you where document services could minimize slowdowns and increase momentum in a world that never stands still. Learn more about the critical role documents play in your business and in leading businesses like Target, Marriott and Ducati. Read “Between the Lines,” the free eBook from Xerox Thought Leader John M. Kelly.  

John M. Kelly's new eBook details how documents can transform your business

Learn about the free eBook “Between the Lines”