Intuitively We Like Paper

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Xerox Indirect Channels Business Group

Digital marketing is taking the center spotlight in advertising and marketing circles.

Of course, electronic advertising has a huge reach and will not be replaced. But paper communication touches potential customers like digital does not. Prints are real. Prints connect on a more personal level and are more likely to be remembered. Check out Gordon Kaye’s article or even my previous post on the “The Feel of Paper”.

Intuitively or by experience, we know this, right? Don’t we print our most important pieces on heavier paper? Doesn’t 28# bond feel better than 20# bond? And wouldn’t you view someone differently if they handed you a business card cut from regular copy paper? What would you think of a company brochure printed on a flimsy, lightweight paper?

Then think about some of the most important documents of our life – my wedding invitations were thick and textured with ragged edges. My marriage certificate was parchment, again heavy. I remember exactly how those looked and felt 29 years after seeing them for the first time. (How’s that for a clue about my age?)

The recently announced Phaser 7800 color printer has the ability to print on this thicker media and on both sides. So by combining a variable data printing (VDP) solution, like uDirect from XMPie, with the Phaser 7800, a small marketing business can now cost effectively launch a short run one-to-one print campaign for their clients  – something which may have been too expensive to entertain in the past.

The Phaser 7800 media and finishing capabilities allow smaller businesses to use their talents to touch prospects at that emotional level using paper – and with state of the art VDP capabilities – enables them to win more business that they likely would have passed on previously. That’s making their work more effective for their existing clients and bringing more clients in the door. And that’s why we like paper. How about you, do you like paper? 

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