4 Easy Ways to Maximize Printing

As nearly every business owner can tell you, when it comes to managing expenses and maximizing efficiency, the devil is in the details. We recently took a hard look at the role toner plays in helping small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) save both time and money. There is no doubt that choosing the right toner can make a world of difference in both the quality and cost of your printing, as well as in the maintenance of your equipment, and the speed and efficiency in which the job gets done.

While choosing the right toner can have a clear impact on your bottom line, smart small and mid-size businesses are also taking steps to maximize its longevity. Here is how you can be one of them.

      1. Choose the right printer.

        The thinking that goes into selecting a printer to buy is not so different from selecting what type of car to buy. A family with children would better suited with a mini-van or SUV than a two-seat roadster. Similarly, an office with 20 people who print throughout the day would be better served by a printer with a monthly print volume rating up to 20,000 pages, as opposed to one rated for 1,500 pages. Basically, it comes down to right-sizing your printer to your print-volume needs, and of course whether you need additional features such as copying, scanning, faxing, etc. We’ve taken the guess-work out of choosing the right printer. Trust me, it’s straightforward. Visit the Xerox Office Printers page and see for yourself.

      2. Monitor your usage.

        The printer always seems to run short of toner just when you need it most. Avoid interruptions that can slow down productivity (not to mention your mood) by choosing machines that give you clear feedback on how much toner you have available. Most networked printers even include a web interface you can access over your network. Take a look at our recent post titled, “How Much Toner is in Your Printer” to learn how to read the gauges on your machines, or to find to choose a machine with an interface that works for you.

      3. Automate supplies replenishment.

        While automated monitoring and replacement may not give you more prints per cartridge, alleviating the pain point of continually monitoring and ordering supplies can make it feel as though your toner cartridge is bottomless. Xerox Supplies Service  (Europe) and Xerox eConcierge™ (U.S.) actively monitor every printer in your fleet – regardless of brand – and notifies your preferred supplier automatically when it’s time to replace your toner or ink.

        Bonus: It will also alert you when your device is in need of service, and it doesn’t even require a contract- so there’s no strings attached. Take a look at this video to find out why so many SMB owners rely on it to keep their toner supply steady and their offices running smoothly.

    1. Buy Genuine Supplies.

      There are a myriad of bargain brand toner alternatives out there. They all promise the same thing: highest quality, reliability, and page volume at a fraction of the cost for OEM (original equipment manufacturer) supplies. The reality, according to independent testing conducted by Buyers Laboratory, Inc., is that very few actually deliver on those promises, and a great many actually cause damage to the printer. So while bargain brand supplies may initially seem like a great way to save money, in the end they can really cost you.

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