The Best Ways to Simplify Your Life While Growing Your Business

46% of people surveyed agreed that they waste a lot of time on paper-intensive processes. Take a closer look at the data from this survey and discover how forward-thinking SMBs are tackling print challenges in this eBook.

The first week of August 2017 is Simplify Your Life Week, a noble aspiration but one that’s notoriously difficult to put into practice. But there are simple steps you can take to streamline the many processes you rely on every day, allowing you to be a bit more hands off, while also boosting your business’ productivity.

Making the Switch to Digital

The most immediate should be digitizing your paper-intensive processes and automating your document workflows.

An overwhelming majority of small and medium size businesses (SMBs) still depend on paper processes to get the job done. Nearly half of them waste time every day because of these processes – primarily billing and invoicing, business and financial reporting and human resource forms and procedures. Sound familiar? Digitizing these processes will not only help cuts costs, but also simplify the processes themselves. This means saving time and improving productivity – and simplifying your life (and that of your employees too).

There’s a (New) App for That

So once you’ve decided to go digital, where do you begin?

Apps are a great place to start. The same way that apps on your mobile device are helping you simplify processes in your personal life (remember the days when you had to do your banking…at the bank?) Apps on printers are doing the same thing for the workplace. There’s a wide range of apps available for Xerox® ConnectKey®-enabled multifunction printers (MFPs) that can help you do everything from translate documents into more than 40 languages, to simplifying the connection between your cloud sharing and email accounts. These apps transform your MFP into a true workplace assistant, one that is as beneficial to your business as it is easy to use.

Get Up and Go

Millennials are overtaking Baby Boomers in the workforce. Is your business prepared?

How many of us are still doing our jobs exclusively from the office? Precious few, and that number is decreasing every day. Clients and teams are separated by time and distance, and banker’s hours are a thing of the past. Today work happens anywhere and everywhere, at all hours of the day (or night!). As that trend continues and the demand for flexibility increases, especially among millennial employees, SMBs who haven’t kept up with the evolution of work are scrambling to find the right tools to help their employees enjoy a seamless remote experience. If your business is looking to boost productivity by simplifying the way work gets done, the right mobility strategy is critical.

Xerox Mobile Print helps bridge any mobile device to any brand of printer so you can boost your productivity, in the office or in the field. Its high level of security also means you can rest easy on those rare occasions when you’re not working at all.

MPS: the Key to Boosting Productivity for SMBs

When it comes to digital transformation, managed print services (MPS) may be the key to yours. MPS can help you to accomplish everything from improved document security to gaining a better understanding of your true print costs. Your provider will start by walking you through device optimization to help you reduce your costs. Next they will help guide you toward which capabilities, innovation and automation solutions will help you maximize your document security, productivity and sustainability.

The right partner makes all the difference. Download our free ebook here.

So how do you choose a provider? And what should a good MPS contract look like in practice? Learn everything you need to know about MPS and how it can benefit your business in this post. You can also learn more about selecting the provider that is right for you by downloading our short ebook, 8 Steps to Choosing the Right MPS Provider.

With the right products and services, you really can simplify your life while boosting productivity and reducing costs. Getting some help from outside experts is a good place to start. Consider reaching out to a Xerox channel partners for strategies that can help you simplify your life by making your business more efficient.

Find a U.S. Channel Partner here. Located in the U.K.? Click here.


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