Your Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right Toner

Genuine Xerox toner cartridges are a better value than bargain brands when it comes to yield, reliability and quality.

Here on the Small Business Solutions blog, we’ve written extensively about the perils of using off-brand toner. But how do you choose the right toner? The toner you choose can have a significant impact on the productivity, reliability and cost of your printing.

Here’s what to look for when choosing the right toner for your printing needs.

  1. It won’t build up inside your machine.
    While cleaner, clearer prints are your primary goal, recent technological advances in toner design have made today’s toners better for your printer as well.

    The new EA (Emulsion Aggregation) toners from Xerox operates faster and cleaner, because they melt at a lower temperature than other toners. This enables them to adhere to paper better, and without building up inside your machine.

    Because toner build up eventually leads to a service call, using an EA toner can prevent a lot of headaches, and more importantly, disruptions to your workday. What’s more, that lower melt point also means that these EA toners require lower energy consumption, saving you an average of 20% on your energy costs.

  2. It is guaranteed to be reliable.
    Among the many risks of using bargain brand toners is that it may run out prematurely (like when you have a critical job to print), or it may even prevent your machine from printing at all.

    In fact, Buyers Lab Institute (BLI) has found in its years of research that bargain brand cartridges have an average failure rate of a staggering 40%, and carry a 50% risk of damaging your printer. That’s a gamble not worth taking.  Xerox® cartridges have a 100% unconditional lifetime guarantee, so you never have to worry about them failing – or causing damage to your machine.
  3. It offers superior image quality.
    For most people, when you’re talking toner, the top concern is image quality. Bargain brand toners have a high risk of blotching, running or streaking, ruining your print (and sometimes your day). The super-fine EA toner from Xerox employs a unique chemical process which results in smaller toner particles. Smaller particles mean finer lines, and ultimately a better quality print.

    The Buyers Lab Institute (BLI) conducted cartridge tests on multiple different printer cartridges and found that Xerox cartridges delivered superior overall page yields, image quality and reliability performance compared to the remanufactured brand. That is quality you can count on.
  1. It results in less waste.
    Remember those smaller toner particles we mentioned earlier? They do more than help your printer run faster, cleaner and more efficiently. By making the particles smaller, Xerox is able to ensure that you can use less toner to create your copies and prints, resulting in less waste, so you can spend less time buying toner, and more time actually printing. Xerox® cartridges for non-Xerox® printers also give you a significantly greater page yield – 10% greater on average.
  2. It allows you to print instantly – no more warming up.
    Who hasn’t had the experience of hitting print on an important project and then standing around while the printer takes what seems like an impossibly long time to warm up? Not exactly good for productivity. With EA toner, your printer is always ready to print, because the heating process is almost instantaneous. By choosing EA toner from Xerox, you can boost your productivity and your mood, because the printer will always be waiting for you, and not the other way around.
  3. It offers the best value for your (valuable) business dollar.
    As you can see from the infographic above, independent research has shown time and again that Xerox genuine brand toner cartridges are a better value than those bargain brand cartridges when it comes to yield, reliability and quality. The new Xerox toner cartridges are less expensive in operating costs over the long term.
  4. It is easier to install and remove from your printer.
    The new Xerox toner cartridges are easier to remove/install from your printer than the bargain brands cartridges. While that may seem like a small concern to you, it probably means a lot to your employees who handle the printer every day.

    Machines that are easier to use, with less wait time, make for happier employees and a more productive work environment. Another overlooked benefit? Cartridges that are easy to remove and replace mean fewer interruptions – and far fewer service calls down the line.

Ready to make the transition to efficient, high quality toner? Let us help you find a sales location near you.

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