Why Not Print in Color?

Aaron Slindee, Marketing Analyst
Xerox Indirect Channels Business Group

Running a profitable small or mid-sized business (SMB) is difficult these days with the rising cost of healthcare, unpredictable tax rates, and climbing transportation costs. Compounding the problem is how to grow revenue when consumers are spending less? Some good news for SMBs is you don’t need a big marketing budget to see results. Success has more to do with developing messages that resonate best with your customers than the amount you spend on advertising.

A great way to enhance your message is to use color in your marketing materials. A Xerox survey done thru Harris Interactive found customers are 54% more likely to read the marketing material if printed in color. The study also discovered 69% understand new ideas better when presented in color and 76% can find information faster when presented in color. More good news for the small business owner, printing in color is not as expensive as people think.

As an analyst for Xerox I recently looked at the printing profiles of over 30 companies of various sizes. After careful study and analysis, I concluded printing in color would only cost these companies four percent more than their current print cost and come with all the benefits that color provides. 

The trick is to decide the best way to purchase your color pages. Check out this post from a colleague, David Bates, where he tackles the different ways printed pages can be purchased: by the page, by the cartridge, or by managed print services. Tell me in the comments below how you would prefer to pay for your color prints. No matter what you decide, your small business can increase messaging effectiveness with color. 

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  1. Lynn Brandner March 8, 2012 -

    Yes, it is true. You eyes are drawn to color. It also gives the document a depth of vision that black and white doesn’t. IBlack and white is boring after a while. It’s worth the 4%.price.

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