You’re supposed to catch up with your coworkers at the water cooler, not at the printer. Yet somehow, we all seem to spend more time waiting at the printer than collecting work from it – an average of 3 minutes, to be exact. While 3 minutes may not sound like much, 3 minutes can mean the difference between being late to the meeting or being on time; it’s the difference between making the elevator or missing it (and waiting in line during the 5 o’clock crush); and it’s often the difference between a good mood and, well, a not so good one.

With most Americans naming time as the one thing they need more of in order to do their job well, those 3 minutes are making a big difference in productivity – and in employee morale. In a company of 500 people or more, those 3 minutes add up to 6,500 lost man hours each year. Not so small, huh?

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