Brian Lincoln, DocuShare Senior Product Line Manager
Xerox Corporation

Picture this – cluttered desks, overflowing file cabinets, employees digging through piles of documents to, maybe, find the one they need. Can you see the wasted productivity and dollars?

Time and money are precious commodities to a small business that doesn’t have a “big business” budget but has the same back-office needs as a large enterprise. An effective content management solution can help a small business provide that “big business” feel while achieving increased productivity by simplifying document processes, keeping employees focused on what is most important – serving customers and expanding the business.  

Freedman & Co., a forward-thinking New York City-based boutique CPA firm, was using valuable square footage in their office to house rows of file cabinets full of client data. With a comprehensive content management solution, they were able to become almost paper free and exponentially boosted their efficiency and service. Their fast response to client requests has helped the firm grow its customer base and expand the business. After DocuShare, Freedman’s technology strategy took off – now paperless, the office boasts TV-style computer screens throughout so CPAs can securely access electronic versions of client documents in seconds.

Time and money are not the only benefit of a content management solution – small businesses will also be able to accomplish compliance initiatives. Businesses in various industries must abide by document retention regulations to stay compliant, which can easily be accomplished by setting permissions and expiration dates on documents in a content management system. Changes are tracked through version history, document retention schedules are automated and a trail of document activity can be captured.

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